Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences, Interactive Learning
and New Connections Around the World


Immersive personal stories that engage and inspire. 


Interdisciplinary project-based lessons and activities.


Interactive games that teach  beyond the classroom.


Social student connections in a safe network.

World Wise Courses

Project-based interdisciplinary curriculum for Grades 6-12 
Lessons focus on diverse cultures and global issues, including environmental sustainability, biodiversity, climate change, wildlife conservation, refugee issues, social justice and human rights. 
 Content aligns with frameworks in Social Studies, Science, Language Arts and Global Competence.

No matter who you are or where you are from,
World Wise welcomes you!

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Gail Evenari

Curriculum Design
I am committed to fostering the growth of compassionate, informed and engaged citizens of the world.

William Hunter

Global Competence
I create learning opportunities for youth empowerment, global citizenship and gender equality.

David Kleeman

Global Media Strategist
I travel worldwide seeking best practices in children’s and family media, technology and products. 

Michael Carter

Digital Learning Expert
I provide strategy, research, design, and development with a focus on learning, digital media, and games
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